Se Trafikverkets visualisering av framtidens Torp

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  1. Great - now let's have a visualisation of all the great things that could be done in the Uddevalla centre from new museums, gardens, marinas, cycleways, bridges, riverside activities, accommodation, restaurants, heritage sites - does anyone out there have the vision to do that? Inspiration, innovation and hard work will bring investment - just like it has in many other cities. It just takes a few politicians with guts and vision instead of trying to protect their positions for their own good instead of that of the Uddevalla residents. Its just like football really - you can sit a defend all day long but you are never going to win without going forward - Uddevalla centre deserves better.

  2. "Hen" har nog fel på kompassen!?!?

  3. Behövs det verkligen så mycket vägar och parkeringsplatser
    i Uddevalla när nu bilindustrin redan är avvecklad i Tresstad?